Documentaires français. Le Port de Dunkerque. L'Ou

Title: Documentaires français. Le Port de Dunkerque. L'Ou
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French Documentaries. The Port of Dunkirk. The Tooling.
The port of Dunkirk, The tooling. 28 hangars cover a total area of 82650 square meters; the hangar of textile (3 and a half acres). 116 cranes permit rapid manipulation. Don't you think this bring a novel of Wells to life? Thanks to a vacuum system, unloading a ship of grain is little more than a game. It is a real mechanical octopus that sends two huge arms into the hull of the ship. The wheat is inhaled. …and dumped in sacs filled with due weight. The basin of coals. Each of four ferries allows for emptying a hundred tons of carbon per hour. Watch, No. 857 - the Port of Dunkirk - locks and docks
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries