Documentaires français. En Cornouailles (Bretagne)

Title: Documentaires français. En Cornouailles (Bretagne)
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French Documentaries. In Cornouailles (Brittany).
In Cornouailles, cinematogrpahy and composition by Mr. R. Alexandre. Quimper, formerly capital of the County of Cournailles, conserved its Breton character. It's the most complete Gothic cathedral of Brittany. The picturesque closed city of Concerneau, encircled with ramparts constructed in the 16th century. The celebrated calvary of Plougastel Daoulas was erected in 1604 to commemroate a plague that broke out in 1598. Group of young Bretons from the region of Pont-Aven. The little port of Benodet on the estuary of the Odet. The banks of the Odet offerdelicious views. Vitre, built on a cut-off promontory above Vilaine and carrying a magnificent feudal castle. The old streets of Vitre with their old streets with gabled houses. The castle, one fo the most beautiful breton specimens of medieval military architecture. It was built at the end of the 11th century. A draw-bridge over the moat precedes the entrance gate which opens under the stronghold. The interior court of the castle. The Breton peninsula constitutes the final terminus of the old world - where Brittany ends, the sea begins!
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Documentaires français
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French Documentaries
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French Documentaries