A travers le Périgord

Title: A travers le Périgord
Translated Title: 
Through Périgord
The Eyzies is a true prehistorical capital. Image of the Gorge of Hell and the valley. The Domme fortress overlooks the valley of Dordogne. Images of the Gate of Tours. Images of the church, the governor's house, an ancient alley, and the gate of Delbes. Beynac is one of the four baronies of Périgord. Bourdeilles is a wonderful combination of Medieval and Renaissance styles. Image of the statue of Abbott Pierre de Bourdeilles. Images of the Renaissance-style Château-Lévêque. In the fall, the picking of chestnuts. The nut-pickers separate the nuts from their shells with their mallets. Truffles hide at the feet of oak trees.