Documentaires Colonies. La Guinée française

Title: Documentaires Colonies. La Guinée française
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. French Guinea.
French Guinea. In the Fouta Djallon…Waterfall, most interesting villages and natives. The Fulani, descendants of the former Egyptian nomads. Their hairdressing represents a multiple-day task; it remains in place for months. There hands are thin and adorned with very big gold or silver rings. The Almamys who were once our enemies and are now valuable auxiliary. Kankan, on the border of Sudan, populated with 50,000 Malinkes, is the perfect example of a Guinean city. The market. The mosque, site of the highly frequented pilgrimage. A group of Malinke women. To honor the host of the tribe, the Soussous griots perform their most fanciful dances in front of him. The Fulani griots do their war-dance to the sound of the tabala and the balafon.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Colonies
Translated Series Title: 
Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries