Documentaires Colonies. Rotterdam, la Venise du nord

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Rotterdam, la Venise du nord
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Colonial Documentaries. Rotterdam, Venice of the North.
Rotterdam, the most active port in Holland, stands on the Meuse River. Ships have access to the city through a multitude of canals. The river is lined with beautiful docks, with a few meters of warehouses, the ships come from India and America to dock. The entire city seems like an immense dock and the unloading is done at an extraordinary rate. Numerous trains cross over the Meuse River on a metallic bridge, a masterpiece of solidity and elegance. On the wharf of Boompje, a magnificent panorama of the Meuse can be seen. The houses have a uniform style and characteristics, lining the docks. The White House. The Wilhelmina Bridge over the Meuse River. The old mill in Coolsingen. Rotterdam is often compared to Venice: "Venice is the dream. Rotterdam is the action."
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries