Documentaires Colonies. Coiffes et Costumes de Hollande

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Coiffes et Costumes de Hollande
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. Headdresses and Costumes of Holland.
Holland, loyal to its traditions, has kept a very typical and picturesque character which still accentuates its headdresses and costumes. Young girls from Zeeland. On Sundays and for church, they wear the lace caps, and gimp embroidered with shiny beads. The white bonnets pride themselves on long trimmings, at the bottom of which tremble colored stones. Young girl from the Staphorst village. In Volenda, the young girls have headdresses like butterfly wings, and their eyes are so clear that they resemble drops of water on thistle leaves from the dune. A pretty girl from the island of Urk, where the inhabitants live exclusively on fishing. The island of Marken which is renowned for its wealth of costumes, all in silk floral patterns. They look like dolls from a fair, under their lace caps, from which spring their strands of hair. And here are the small girls in pink like peonies, and their eyes of a blue glaze, and pale gold hair. On nice Sundays, these small shoes conduct the happy round, under the bells of the skirts, fluttering like steeples nearby.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries