Documentaires Colonies. Carthage et El Djem (Tunis

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Carthage et El Djem (Tunis
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Colonial Documentaries. Carthage and El Djem (Tunisia).
Carthage and El Djem, Composition and Cinematography by M.C. Gilbert. Queen of the sea since 1600 BCE, Carthage has been destroyed so many times that its ruins were nothing more than a memory. It stretches over a hill that forms the cape of Carthage. Arab villages replaced the Punic city. And the civilization disappeared without teaching the new inhabitants about the land. The Primitive manners of the Arab countrymen replaced the former civilization. A few remains of the buildings were discovered over the course of companies' excavations by R.P. Delattre since 1875. The Byzantine Basilica. The Roman Theater. The Punic tomb in the side of the hill. Eastern Hamlet! Of all the Roman monuments in North Africa the El Djem Aphitheater is the most important. The African vegetation has replaced the flourishing city of Thysdrus which was in this place in the 3rd century. The prickly pear cactus covers the ground, once fertile. And aloe replaced the olive. Opulence gave way to mediocrity. The village of El Djem was born over these ruins. In front of the circus groups, draped in the old, it seemed to be an evocation of the past. The amphitheater, which measures 150 meters long and rises 33 meters in high, it can seat up to 30,000 spectators. A funny story in the ruins. The end.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries