Documentaires Orient. Enfants japonais

Title: Documentaires Orient. Enfants japonais
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Eastern Documentaries. Japanese Children.
Japanese Children. On the seventh day after birth the infant is taken to the temple where a ceremony will take place which aims to keep evil spirits away. The children are accustomed to carrying a light burden in order to train them to carry the babies of the family. A young "nurse." The 5th of March is the "Celebration for Little Girls" is marked by the children's great excitement. The day is characterized by toy exhibits and dolls in the stores. Interesting japanese dolls. The little girls go to play on the streets. The "Celebration of Little Boys" takes place on the 5th of May. Mats are placed in front of each house or they place as many fish as there are children. Then the young boys are invited to a luncheon where the most exquisite dishes are served.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Orient
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Colonial Documentaries
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Eastern Documentaries