Documentaires Colonies. Lucerne

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Lucerne
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Colonial Documentaries. Lucerne.
Lucerne (Switzerland). On the shores of the lake where the rapid water escapes the Reuss river, Lucerne grows at the foot of the rolling hills. Built in 1333, the Kapellebrucke (Chapel Bridge). In the middle of the bridge an octagonal tower rises: the Wasserturm (Water Tower). The bridge of the Dancing Corpse, (15th Century), is decorated with paintings representing the dance of the dead, made in the 16th century by Gaspar Meglinger. The Gothic fountains that decorate these squares and these roads are still the more beautiful and more original than all of those around it. The center of the city with its narrow roads and the paintings of the facades present the typical appearance of Swiss cities. Monument raised in the memory of the Swiss soldiers who died while defending the royal family of France on August 10, 1792. A lion, pierced by a spear, dies while covering its body a shield that it can no longer defend. The glacier garden contains about twenty pots of the former glacier of the Reuss river, with the wheels that they carved. The surrounding wall since the Middle Ages stretches the entire length of the Musegg and descends up until the Reuss River. This wall is flanked by 9 old gray towers. A Celtic colony, then Roman, destroyed by the white Huns, the current city, originated from a modest city of fishermen.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries