Documentaires Colonies. Bougie la reine de Kabylie

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Bougie la reine de Kabylie
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. Béjaïa the Queen of Kabylie.
Béjaïa: the Queen of Kabylie. Tizi-Ouzou is the place of Markets in Kabylie, it is the stopping point of the railway that connects Alger to the departure of auto-cars toward the interior of the country. The Marketplace in Tizi-Ouzou and the departure of serviced automobiles. The primary road in Tizi-Ouzou. Béjaïa's seaside fortress. Charcoal market in Béjaïa. Jewish neighborhood in Béjaïa. Roman Ruins. Gate through which the French Army made its entrance after taking the city during the conquest of Algeria. The tomb of a Muslim saint. Passage of orange merchants. Against the back-light over the bay of Béjaïa.
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Documentaires Colonies
Translated Series Title: 
Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries