Documentaires Colonies. La Riviera anglaise

Title: Documentaires Colonies. La Riviera anglaise
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Colonial Documentaries. The English Riviera.
Excursion on the English Riviera.The departure from Victoria Station to Brighton by the "Southern Bell" luxury express. Brighton: the pearl of the English Riviera is 80 kilometers from London. View of the large walkway. The beach. The two piers or jetties. Former residence of S.M. Georges IV. Hastings, this historic city was built on the foot of the rocks that overlook the ruins of the old castle. Old building housing the municipality. The church of Saint-Clement. The "front" or boardwalk. The jetties. Eastbourne; nearly equidistant from Hastings and Brighton, the city is situated at the foot of Beachy Head. Queen of a country without an equal for beauty, Eastbourne is very much known as a seaside resort. The pier is one of the most attractive on the English coast. The flower parade or a long walk along the beach. A look at the shady roads of decorative flowerbeds that adorn the city. The sports park where travelers find pleasant and numerous distractions.
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries