Documentaires Colonies. Les Aïssaouas

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Les Aïssaouas
Translated Title: 
Colonial Documentaries. The Aissawas.
The Aissawa's piilgrimmage to the tomb of Sidi-Boumedine (Algeria). Composition and Cinemetography by Mr. R. Alexander. On the occasion of a muslim holiday, the religious brotherhoods gather. During these hours, to the sound of the tam-tam, the men and the girls dance to stun. Then the excited crowd heads toward the tomb of the Marabout. Sidi Boumedine. This popular drunkeness is so that not a single drop of blood is lost despite the tortures that these fanatics have endured. During these hours, men and women pass needles through their cheeks and their arms. The civilization if there is justice, one day, will the barbarian practices from these fanatic sects remained unchanged for 2,000 years.
Series Title: 
Documentaires Colonies
Translated Series Title: 
Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries