Documentaires Colonies. Les montagnes de Kaastskil

Title: Documentaires Colonies. Les montagnes de Kaastskil
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Colonial Documentaries. The Catskill Mountains.
Catskills Mountains (United States). Up the Hudson River, one sees mountains in the distance, proud, slender and dominant - the Catskills. The Indians considered them as the residence of Spirits who spread over the earth sun rays or clouds. An old woman, according to legend, can, if she is well-disposed, prepare brilliant summer clouds. She launches them from high up in the mountains, flake by flake, and makes them float in the air until they expand into beneficent rains. But if she is in a bad mood, she prepares thick dark clouds and when those break, beware, valleys! Here rocks stand in an impenetrable wall, against which runs a cascade of light froth from a stream that just broke. Over there the occasional homes of the first Dutch colonists, still stand, very old, made of wood. The calm waters of the Hudson reflect the fairy magic of sunset. End, composition by Miss G. Jousset
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Documentaires Colonies
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Colonial Documentaries
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Colonial Documentaries