HIS 521: History, Memory and Public History

The original impetus for this project came from a graduate seminar taught by Professor Martha Sandweiss and Professor Anthony Grafton at the Department of History at Princeton University in the spring of 2017. This course explored, among many other things, the methods, approaches, and challenges of public history. I would like to thank both Prof. Sandweiss and Prof. Grafton for their support with this project.

About the Author

Christopher J. Parton is a PhD student in Musicology at Princeton University. He holds a BA degree in music from the University of Bristol and a master’s degree in musicology from the University of Oxford. His primary research interest focuses on rhythm and meter in the music of Beethoven. Chris can be contacted by email at cparton@princeton.edu.


I would like to thank Gabriel Swift at the Rare Books and Special Collections department at Princeton University Library for his expertise, advice, and support. Special thanks need to go to John Burkhalter, without whose knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement this project would not have been possible.